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The Price Of Graphite Electrode May Rebound After April of 2019
Source: | Editor:J&X News Department | Press time:2019-03-12 | 1821 times of view | 分享到:
Since the second half of 2016, with the further implementation of the policy of environmental protection to limit production, the steel industry has improved after destocking and capacity reduction.

According to the requirements, electric furnace steel accounts for 15% of the 800 million tons of steel output by the end of the 13th five-year plan, and 30% of the replacement output by 2030.The current electric steel accounted for only about 8%, and the proportion of about 70% in the United States, Japan, the proportion of electric steel is 30%, so the intermediate frequency steel turn electric steel has given rise to the great demand for graphite electrode, graphite electrode fixed production in our country about between 50-600000 tons, if keep 15 million tons per year of replacement of electric steel demand, the demand for graphite electrode will increase 45000 tons each year, plus the factors of exports, there are about 100000 tons of production capacity gap every year.