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A Super-large Graphite deposit was found in Heilongjiang,China
Source:Xinhua News | Editor:J&X News Department | Press time:2019-02-27 | 1595 times of view | 分享到:
Reporter:Yang Siqi,Xinhua News
Updated: Harbin, Feb. 26,2019

The reporter learns from heilongjiang natural resources department, they discovered a super-large graphite deposit in shuangyashan city a few days ago.After assessment, this is a important breakthrough in domestic geological prospecting.
Heilongjiang province has a vast territory and rich mineral resources.Heilongjiang shuangyashan xigou graphite census is one of the key projects of the province's "three-year geological prospecting special project".After four years of exploration, the heilongjiang nonferrous metal geological exploration bureau has discovered a super-large graphite deposit in xigou, shuangyashan city.
After the appraisal by the natural resources department of heilongjiang province, a total of 62 crystalline graphite ore bodies were found in the whole region, with the amount of industrial ore bodies and graphite ores being 335.519 million tons, the amount of minerals being 23.3761 million tons, and the average grade being 6.97%.Industrial ore bodies account for 95.22% of the total resources.
Graphite is an important raw material for the production of graphene.Graphene has broad application prospects in energy, biotechnology, aerospace and other fields.Shuangyashan xigou graphite deposit is a large scale crystalline graphite deposit, which belongs to high-quality graphite resources with large reserves, easy exploitation and low cost.
The discovery of the deposit provides an important resource guarantee for the development of new products and the sustainable development of the graphite industry, and will help accelerate the transformation of resource-based provinces, said a person in charge of the natural resources department of heilongjiang province.