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Garbage Sorting Robot
    发布时间: 2020-11-16 10:17    

Equipped with visual positioning and conveyor tracking management systems, robot can identify the shape and posture of objects being sorted for accurate positioning and grabbing, The repeated positioning accuracy is up to ±0.1mm.

The powerful operation control technology allows the robot move more stably and smoothly at high speed.

The whole enclosed structure with a protection level of IP65 can better prevent the equipment from dust and liquid.

Garbage Sorting Robot

Garbage Sorting Robot
This Robot incldes 2 models:


1. Accurate:>90% sorting accuracy;
2. Practical: >20 types of recyclables can be sorted;
3. Easy: Start-up fast and operate easily;
4. Sturdy: long-lasting life yet high ROI.


Technical Parameters:




1. Smart: automatically recongition, precisely gripping;
2. Safe: Fits in adverse environment, largely minimises the risk of industrial injury and work-related problem;
3. Accurate:>90% of sorting accuracy;
4. Efficient: each robot can handle 50 tons of waste per hour.


Technical Parameters:


Q&A about the Picking Ai & Picking Easy garbage robot

1. Why do I need a robot for sorting garbage?

For a long time, sorting garbage demands huge number of on-hand labors. The cost is always high but the efficiency is low. The robot is designed to replace people from the work and reduce the cost. According to analysis, one robot, running 24 hrs a day, can replace up to 6 people. Good investment with promising return.
Besides, sorting garbage was not a pleasant and healthy work at all. Fewer and fewer people would like to use their hands on this tiring and repeating work. What is more, Garbage carries a lot of bacterial and virus, which may cause a lot of healthy problems to the people who work on it. 

2. What can the robot identify and pick up?

We have two different robots for different kinds of garbage:Picking AiTM is used for selecting of garbage like PET, HD-PE, Disposable boxes, Tetra Pak cans, Rigid plastics, corrugated paper, foamed plastics and etc, which can be picked up by vacuum sucker; or clothes, shoes, glass bottles, cans, plastic bags that can be picked up by gripper. The weight of single picks of garbage can be up to 0.5 to 2kg depending on model selected.
Picking EasyTM is used for construction waste, decoration waste, or oversize wastes, which can be picked up by gripper. The weight of single pick of garbage can be from 5kg to 20kg depending on model selected.

What is the efficiency of picking up:

One robot can pick up around 80 picks of waste items and put into correct bins in one minute, which means 100k picks per day of operation.

3. Is the robot able to identify the twisted, pressed, or dirty items?

Yes. The vision module of the robot uses comprehensive measurements working in parallel to identify items, like color, shape, reflection, and etc. Even if the item is twisted or dirty, other features will be used for identification.

4. Will the robot identify new kind of garbage? 
Yes. The robot will do self-learning once used at a new operational environment. When robot saw a new item, he will try to identify it with its "experiences", images with sorting result will be sent to data center for double checking. If this sorting is correct, it will "remember" it forever, and if wrong, it will be corrected to prevent future failure. Our engineer will make sure that identification is correct. Learning of new item can be done at once during site commissioning section. It can also be done periodically when new looks of packages come to market.

5. Whether the robot can integrate with existing conveyor system

Yes. The robot can be installed on existing conveyor. For example, Standard Picking AiTM can adapt to conveyor with max 2 m in width and 0.5m/s on speed.

The robot also can be tailor-made for conveyor with different speed and width.

6. How many robots do I need in my garbage center?

It depends on the size and volume of the garbage center. You can use one or two robots on one conveyor, or can use 4-6 robots in different types on one conveyor to identify and sort more different types of garbage.

We are able to help you to choose right number and type of robots if more information about garbage center can be given from you.